Post-Operative Instructions

Prosthetic Appliance Placement

Now that your surgery has been completed, follow these instructions to make yourself more comfortable, promote healing and help prevent any possible complications.

Read all items carefully!

Day of Surgery

Post-operative bleeding should last for 2-3 hours. During this time remove the prosthesis every 20-30 minutes to rinse out the blood that has collected in the denture. Gauze can be placed between the upper and lower teeth to create pressure against the extraction site.

Once bleeding has stopped, the denture should be left in place all day and night. Sleeping with the prosthesis in place helps to confine the amount of swelling. If the denture is not placed in the mouth during the night it may not fit in the mouth in the morning due to swelling.. You will have an appointment to see your general dentist with in 24 -48 hours after surgery for any required adjustments.

"Oxygel" given at the surgical appointment, is a clear salve that should be placed into the denture 4-6 times daily until it is all gone. This product is designed to sooth the traumatized tissue and speed the healing of the extraction sites. Rinsing with warm salt water, beginning the day after surgery, will also speed the healing process.

A resilient liner has been placed into your prosthesis. This liner is white in color and should remain in place until changed by our office or the office of your general dentist.


Females taking birth control pills should note that additional measures should be utilized while taking antibiotics.

Patients who smoke increase the risk of developing a "dry socket" after extraction(s) or have delayed soft tissue healing. It is our suggestion that this habit be curtailed for 2-3 days following surgery to safeguard your surgical outcome.

The day following surgery

The day following surgery, the denture can be taken out at bedtime and stored in an airtight container submerged in water to keep the liner soft. The function of this liner is to create a cushion between the surgical sites and the hard acrylic material of the denture. The denture will require adjustments for the first several months since the tissue will remodel during the healing process. Liners also will be changed until the final liner is placed. This is a hard liner material placed only after all healing is complete.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office! (904) 246-6545